CHRISTINA (Band 2 engl.) The Vision of the Good

CHRISTINA (Band 2 engl.) The Vision of the Good

Bernadette von Dreien: Christina 2, English edition / Translated by Hilary Snellgrove
Printed book: 297 pages, hardback

„We are all equal in our innermost core. No one is more advanced than anyone else, no light is brighter than any other, and no task in life is more important than any other. We are all divine beings who are experiencing being human, and not human beings who are becoming divine.“ (Christina von Dreien)

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Christina (born 2001) is a young woman from Toggenburg, Switzerland. She was born with greatly expanded consciousness and thus belongs to a new generation of young evolutionary thinkers who recognise, describe and live human existence as a complexity of quantum physics, neuropsychology and spirituality. She has always shown remarkable insight into today’s world events and one cannot help but be astonished by her high ethics, her wisdom, vision and inner peace that hint at a new dimension of being human.

This second book continues the story – again from the perspective of her mother, Bernadette – of Christina’s development: the end of her school days, the revelation of her life plan and the impressive start of her work in public.

Further topics in Book 2 are: the universal rules of life; how to follow our individual soul path and unfold our personal potential; support from our spiritual companions; practical tips for increasing individual and collective vibration frequency; the silent revolution of unconditional love; the importance of grounding for „time-change“ people; the essential link between lateral thinking and spirituality; holistic science and positive technology; four possible consciousness orientation choices; the five-dimensional future of humanity on Earth and the approaching golden age.

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